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We simplified the "how to write a resume process" by creating a standardized Q&A with many answers being a check on a box or a selection from a drop down list.
Everyone's education and experiences are different, so I don't want to generalize but overall creating a resume should not take more then a couple of minutes.
We provide an easy to fill out template resume, changed design from text heavy to graph heavy (which HR managers love) enable the resume to be digital resume hence usable on social media like Facebook, track resume statistics and automatically be available on a platform for businesses to find and hire you directly.
Yes, we at Findable are committed to helping everyone aspiring to a better future find it.. We created a "Block Company" section enabling job seekers to hide from specific or all companies
Yes, I can't speak for everyone but everyone we showed Findable to loved it and couldn't wait to use it.
The HR industry is corrupt, inefficient and horrible for job seekers, businesses and communities alike. Simply put, the HR industry is designed to keep businesses and job seekers apart, the farther apart the harder it is to hire the more HR companies can charge & makes money. We at Findable are committed to the exact opposite, we will make money from connecting people. I am dedicated to making the HR industry as competitive, efficient and transparent as possible.

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