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Track applicants, manage candidate pipeline, schedule interviews. Findable makes the process effortless.

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Use a Findable recruiter for a fixed fee to fill your companies open positions.

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Findable will post jobs, source and manage applicants, schedule interviews etc.


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All plans include unlimited users, perfect for small to medium companies with 1 to 1,000 employees.


Findable is focused on helping small & medium size companies manage their candidates online & find the best talent available for the best price. 1) Findable offers an applicant management system, enabling companies to onboard candidates from job boards, career pages or emails, making piles of resumes digital, searchable and comparable. 2) Findable is a resume platform with a live database of active job seekers. If candidates have the skills a company is looking for they too will appear in search results, increasing the pool of candidates matching what the company is looking for. 3) Findable provides salary information & competition by sorting all candidates based on their salary expectation. Combining applicant management, candidate sourcing and salary price information Findable is a win win for your companies HR needs.
There are many companies out there who specialize in different aspects of what Findable does. There are applicant management systems which cost $5-$30K per year and only manage candidates. There are marketplaces like LinkedIn or Indeed, which only provide information of people who applied to your through their website and dont help you manage candidates from different platforms. At Findable we combine both the applicant manage system and a marketplace of active job seekers into one platform but we also provide you with salary information and salary competition. Ensuring you have the best selection and are paying a fair price for the talent you need.
Yes. A) Companies can add a link to their career page B) Companies can forward candidates resumes to Findable via email or offices & Findable will upload candidates on behalf of company.
It’s very easy to use Findable. A) To start searching for candidates: sign up, create your company profile and start searching & contacting job seekers. B) To onboard candidates go to “Account Settings” & “General Embedding” , copy and past the link to your career page or to people applying via email. Candidates who apply will automatically be updated to your Findable account.
It’s currently free to onboard candidates to the Findable platform. If a company wishes to contact Findable job seekers directly, companies can purchase different packages depending on how many candidates they wish to contact.
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