Are you having trouble with your job search? No responses to your emails? Not getting interviews?  Getting interviews but no offers?  Getting offers but not meeting your expectations?

Here are some tips to guarantee success in your job search:

  • Don’t rely on answering ads on the internet. Millions of people are viewing ads on the internet and thousands are responding to them.  Statistically you have a one in ten chance of even getting your resume looked at.  And a 5% chance of getting an interview from answering an ad on the internet.
  • Write directly to companies, associations, non-profits where you would like to work.
  • Expand your network. Go to social occasions, professional meetings and seminars, follow up with everyone you know, and the new people you meet.  Join your professional association, become active on a committee or the board.
  • Get a lot of information meetings, not for a job but to expand your sphere of influence. Get the name of one or two more people you can talk to. Get the name of one or two more companies you can approach.
  • Interviews but no offers – Find out the obstacle. What are you missing? What does the other candidate have that you don’t?  Overcome those obstacles with influencing letters, proposals, and convincing arguments backed up with specific accomplishments to show that you are the better candidate.

If you are not getting the results you think you deserve, then re-think your strategy.  Do something different.  Working with a coach can often help you get over the hump and get you un-stuck